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Ability Foundation is a national cross disability organisation established in 1995 as a public charitable trust for the empowerment and mainstreaming of persons with disabilities. Based in Chennai, India, Ability Foundation is involved in pioneering activities, ranging from publishing and media, counselling and referral services, advocacy, and training and employment. Over the years, the Foundation has organized several events all of which aim at dispelling stereotypes and changing public attitudes/perceptions towards disabled persons. The organization works towards an inclusive society and equal opportunities and a level playing field for persons with disabilities stressing on the need to have the right opportunities at the right time. This, we resolutely believe will make so much more possible All it takes is an open mind.

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"Success & ABILITY"is India's cross disability magazine. First published in 1995, this quarterly magazine...


Media has always been one of the strongest mediums of advocacy. Our weekly Radio Program on Moksha...


As Indias cross disability umbrella organisation breaking barriers, promoting rights and ensuring ...


India International Disability Film Festival was first held in Chennai in 2005, and since then has become...


The annual CavinKare ABILITY Awards for achievers with disabilities salute those...

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